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Be blessed.
It’s simple.

We offer a fun and simple approach to meeting people and giving them blessings. We aim to put smiles on faces and make a difference in people’s lives.

No agenda

No discrimination

Happiness and Blessings

Bringing the community together through the power of blessings

We pray for God to bless your future

We pray for your future, for your finances and for your family

For you to experience God’s joy and peace

We also pray for your health and for you to be healed if you are sick


Blessings for you

Grief & Loss

Sadness & Depression

Why do blessings work?

People tell us after they have received a blessing they feel: Peace, Love, Encouragement, Joy, Hope, and Forgiveness and feel whole.

People are healed of their sickness and experience a divine encounter that changes their life forever.

Come and meet us

We are out in the community almost every weekend. Find out where we are and experience a blessing.

Frequently asked questions

How do I receive another blessing?

It’s simple! Come and meet us. Find out where we will be on the map below, we would love to meet you!

How do I give other people blessings?

Direct them to our website here, and use the examples shown in our Blessings section here.

Where will we be giving out blessings next?

Check out our map below, we would love to meet you in person!

How do I know this is real?

It’s real because people tell us so! They feel peace, comfort, encouragement, forgiveness and joy. People are also healed of their cancer, broken limbs and long-term illnesses and sickness. To date 18,000 people have been blessed!

I feel like my life is complete now. Just to know that Jesus is with me.


I am feeling so light. Top of the world. And it's real.


When you blessed me I felt God was sitting in front of me.


Keep doing what you guys are doing. You are heartwarming people. It's amazing. God bless you all


You are lovely people who have taught me the ways of Jesus and I feel more confident. I feel really refreshed. A heartwarming experience.


Join us at the locations below!

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